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MIYAZAKI Shoichi, Chairman  MIYAZAKI Shoichi, Chairman

I am MIYAZAKI Shoichi, who has been appointed as the chairman of the Coastal Development Institute of Technology. Please allow me to take this opportunity to give my greeting.

Since its establishment in 1983, the Coastal Development Institute of Technology has technically supported many important projects centered on ports and airports through the development and dissemination of technologies related to coastal areas, oceans, and disaster prevention, with the resolution of technical issues, and has contributed to the efficient maintenance, utilization, and conservation of high-quality social capital.

This year, we are working on survey / research and technical support in coastal areas and oceans, simultaneously focusing on large-scale typhoon / earthquake / tsunami disaster prevention and structure maintenance / management / preservation. Also in recent years, we are actively working on the offshore wind power generation facilities as a new business.

In the future, in addition to the frequent occurrence of climate change and natural disasters, changes in the industrial and logistics fields and greening of economic activities will continue, and new technologies will develop, and the demands of coastal areas and oceans will increase and diversified year by year. In this country, digitization and decarbonization in the infrastructure field are about to begin in earnest. We also want to accurately grasp such changes and social needs and respond promptly and flexibly..

Once again, based on the origin of our mission: "To create an environment where front-line researchers and engineers can bring their cutting-edge technologies and devote themselves to interdisciplinary and creative technological development." and "To improve Japan's overall technical capabilities related to development, utilization, conservation and disaster prevention of coastal areas and oceans.", we will make our effort to improve the capacity of staff with strengthening the investigation / research system and human network while cooperating with research institutes such as universities, and will make efforts proactively and tackle issues in new field, and all officers and employees will do their utmost to respond to various demands from industry, academia and government.

We ask for your continued understanding of this center and for your continued guidance and encouragement.

June 3rd, 2021

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